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This is a process in which we help the pregnant lady to convey good values to the baby’s mind. This process is based on the concept of a sculpture who converts a stone in to a good idol. It’s a process in which the artist first thinks and tries to fix a picture which he wants to make from the stone. Then he continuously works daily to transform the stone in a very good attractive sculpture. It’s only possible due to his continuous efforts to build a good sculpture according to his desire.
The same concept Srujunankur have developed a procedure which helps the pregnant women to convey the good values in babies mind and to develop the child in the way she has made a picture in mind.
This is only possible when a lady adopts the process and performs it continuously through out the pregnancy.
Sanskar also means to develop the good qualities. Every successful person in his life is due to the qualities in him. So Srujunankur have developed a process to develop such qualities. The qualities such as acceptance, adaptability, awareness, confidence, creativity and much more can be developed through a process.

Mind Training:
Srujunankur have developed a process which helps the lady to be in a happy state of mind through out the pregnancy period and to enjoy the every moment of the pregnancy period. This process also helps to overcome the stress during the pregnancy period which is developed due to various environments such, work, family, social, friends etc.

This is a technique developed on the basis of yogic process “ Dharana”. This helps the pregnant lady to experience the baby in the way she has imagined and created the picture in the mind.

Womb Talking:
This is the process in which we help the pregnant lady to connect with the baby’s mind and communicate with the baby and share her thoughts with the baby in womb.





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