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Beej Sanskar (3 months program):
A bi-weekly program for pre-conception period, Beej Sanskar offers sessions on Mind detoxification (councelling), Meditation, Mind and body strengthening through Yoga and Rasayan therapies, besides Diet consultation.
Garbha Sanskar (9 months program):

An Exclusive and copyrighted Antenatal program for pregnancy, Garbha Sanskar is conducted right from 1st to 9th month of pregnancy. The program consists of:

  • 72 sessions of 60-75 minutes (8 sessions in a month).
  • Live music therapy sessions to soothe mind, body & soul.
  • Special 60 minute program to communicate with baby in womb.
  • Unique copyright technique to impart 50 good values during 9 months.

The monthly sessions are based on yogic techniques of Pranayam, Dharna and Dhyan. The program includes breathing exercises , pranayam, nadanusandhan and omkar. Besides, the program also offers diet consultation and several informative lectures.

Garbha Sanskar services are delivered by experienced & qualified personnel having In-depth understanding of pregnancy phases. All the treatements are provided in a peaceful and rejuvenating environment. Garbha Sanskar sessions are also conducted on internet.


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