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Srujanankur, an organization working for expecting and pregnant women, offers unique Antenatal Services Programs for all stages of woman pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy & post pregnancy. It offers home-like atmosphere with welcoming ambience, caring staff where women can spend worry-free time being with other mothers going through similar situations. It is a relaxed environment where expecting mothers can avail a lot of crucial info through lectures by professionals.

Srujanankur aims to be the prefered choice for expecting and new mothers for holistic welness and support services. The organization believes that mother and her baby is one holistic unit and that if individual and empathetic care is provided to the mother, the same care is being provided to the baby in her womb.

Commited towards physical and emotional wellbeing of women, Srujanankur operates through two centers - Pune and Pimple Saudagar (Pimpri) - in Maharashtra.

Women Healthcare Segment:

The mother care industry in India is witnessing a sea change. Earlier, Cultural, Social and Ecomonical factors acted as barriers for women to go for the prenatal and postnatal services. As per records, negligence and lack of awareness and facilities results in complexities and adversities during pregnancy.

Some Facts 20% of global maternal deaths take place in India. India accounts for 19% of all live births and 27% of all maternal deaths. 58% of women who need natal care are attended by skilled professionals in India. 48% women visit doctors for post natal check up within two days of child birth. More mothers are seeking professional assistance during their pregnancy period. Good values and societal norms are taugt.

Today, the new middle class no longer hesitates to spend on goods and services when it comes to women pregnancy. As a result, a lot of day care, speciality clinics and rejuvenation centers are coming up to facilitate women right from pre pregnancy to post pregnancy stages. These centers offer specialised progrmas for women to ensure a better and problem-free pregnancy.

These programs advise pregnant women on ideal routine to spend trouble-free pregnancy period. This involves right exercises, healthy eating and most importantly thinking positive by engaging in creative activities. Various therapies are also being used to make it easier for pregnant women to spend their pregnany period responsibly and happily.

One such organization is Srujanankur. It completely focuses on the well being of expecting and new mothers. Therefore encouraging good values and contributing to the larger social good.

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