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Why Partner with Srujanankur  

  • The centre is run by highly trained professionals with several years of experience in the field of Ayruveda and Yoga.
  • With the increase in disposable income and growing awareness among married couple, demand for services such as offered by Srujanankur are on a rise.
  • People are demanding more holistic, safe and healthy alternative to the medical practices bringing differentiating labour knowledge and practices.
  • Low capital investment business, with high return and pay-back period of one year.
  • Easy to setup and low setup cost involved.
  • Easy day to day operations with full operational training provided by Srujanankur

Company plans to place the ‘Srijuanankur’ brand and services in the following manner

Abstract Attributes

Concrete Attributes

Functional consequence

Psychosocial Consequence

Instrumental value



Increases in footfalls

Satisfied with the association

Need to buy the services; More Wisdom led


Well situated

Approachable : close to your house

Value for time


One stop shop for a mother ‘s needs

Multiple revenue lines

Independent choice of what she wants

Freedom of choice;

Sense of accomplishment/ pleasurable

Better aesthetics

Look & feel of the store - Feel Good

Cheerful and independent

Relaxing for her

Pleasurable/ happy

Reliable & Private

Emotionally charged staff – able to connect with clients

Informative, high qualified staff

Easy and good experience. Confidentiality maintained

Responsible/ sincere(honest)

Provides brand experience

Overall feel good factor
Freedom/ pleasurable/ wisdom/ happiness

Word of Mouth, Shifts consumer from their local opinion makers to certified people

More reliable as decision making is by her

Personal & Emotional connect with brand


For more information read:

Franchising Strategy

Franchise Obligations and Support


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Downloads: Brochure | Business Proposal
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